May 18, 2018

Thomas Conway special treatment, Chicago Department of Water Management

The 19 Ward is known for taking care of their own. Today I called the 19th Ward and some rude lady decided she did not have to identify herself. She had no intention of notifying Alderman Matt O'Shea, the press was inquiring into a report that Thomas Conway was receiving special treatment by the Department of Water Management Commissioner Cheeks.

Allegedly on May 17, 2018, Thomas Conway was being the "acting up position as Pipe Foremen". He was allegedly being rude to a woman asking questions on a pipe job he was supervising. Thomas Conway was reported to Matt O'Shea's office.

Allegedly, Commissioner Cheeks went to the job site due to a "strong odor" and the complaint. Two women of Commissioner rank from the Jardine Plant wearing high heels and dresses were on the job site. Once again the workers on the site were pissed because the women were a hazard and slipping on the uneven ground. A drug test was ordered by the Commissioner and a high rate of alcohol was determined. The City of Chicago has a zero tolerance for alcohol and drug abuse according to Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

According to several City of Chicago employees, Thomas showed up to work today, to get drug rehabilitation services. Most City of Chicago employees gets fired on the spot for drug violations. Most black employees are walked off the job like dogs.

No doubt, the 19th Ward is a bastion of bars, drugs and alcohol abuse. Many City of Chicago employees are given high ranking jobs due to their political work for the 19th ward, Matt O'Shea, and Tom Dart. The Chicago Inspector General turns his back on these investigations because he is ordered to do so. When these same people keep up with their actions, lawsuits of major amounts of money are paid out. You can't fix stupid.

According to several sources, Plumbers Local 130 agents made the arrangement for preferential treatment. Today I spoke to Gary Litherland, City of Chicago Department of Water Management spokesperson, who sounds like he was jogging. Gary was again lacking any knowledge of the incident. Commissioner Conner tell your employees what is going on please. Please stop the cover-ups. More on this story and the ongoing cover-up of Andrew "Handy Andy" Anderson termination-resignation.

May 9, 2018

Operation Open Gate Valve Department of Water Management Theft Ring

For decades, many City of Chicago Department of Water Management employees has been stealing everything that wasn't nailed down. The 11th Ward mafia and Daley crime family protected the muggers and continued to place these people in positions in trust. Laborers involved always were disrespectful to trades of a higher rank. One position to clean house was the Laborer foreman. The job paid well on the side. Contractors with a connection to high ranking union goons and private plumbing companies made trips to the 39th and Iron street supply depot. Many other private contractors stopped by supply yards to load up on Chicago Taxpayer paid supplies.
The Chicago Inspector General was made aware of this many years ago and several times since. A single 8-inch water main valve is over $3500.00 dollars. Slip a few in the back of a truck after work or in the wee hours of the morning and you're driving a nice car. The problem is sharing it with the bosses at the Jardine Plant. For years, private contractors were videotaped while Chicago Laborers used City high lifts, cranes, and big wheel forklifts to load the loot. Most of these thefts have no City inventory withdraw slips. Some of the pipe and fittings were given to private contractors that had a value of tens of thousands of dollars and then the private contractors charge the Department of Water Management as if they purchase the ductile iron and cast-iron parts. It is a massive scam.
If you are wondering how all this can go on, I will explain. The Department of Water Management has private contractors that determine the inventory levels with computer systems. The highly paid consultants look the other way as truckloads of supplies head out the door. The consultants also know if they rat out the commissioners, their contract will be over. So, they look the other way. During emergency water main breaks farmed out to private companies, the theft doubles as emergency provisions.
For twenty years complaints have been made about the scrap pipe, lead, and copper. This is a private slush fund the Jardine personnel keeps for themselves. That money goes for private parties, hotel rooms, and Christmas parties.
The Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson has sent his staff of knuckleheads to investigate the pipe yards but the never come up with any evidence. The I.G. has no idea what to look for. The I.G. is so stupid, they are too proud to contact the people making the complaints. The I.G. disappear, and the stealing goes on again. I am certain Joe knows who gave him letters telling him about the scam years ago. The Department of Water Management has done a great job promoting those they want to share the wealth with, they also attempt to punish and ruin the credibility of those that report the crimes.
You will never find this type of theft at the New York Water Department. The thugs are in Chicago.

May 3, 2018

Chicago Department of Water Management Meeting with Commissioner Conners

Today, at the City of Chicago Department of Water Management's Jardine Plant over 300 City of Chicago employees from the Jardine Plant, The Chicago pumping stations, and the DePaul Center employees waited for Commissioner Conners to get his ass to the meeting on time. Conners was at least 20 minutes late and cost the Chicago taxpayers thousands in wasted time. Conners arrived with his posse and launched again into a speech that made no sense at all. According to Conners, Rahm Emanuel is very happy with his subpar performance. Conners made the employees stand the entire time. Some of the ladies complained because he did not provide seating. Conners only had a few well connected private employees attend because the private owners are aware of the new policy to donate greatly to Alderman Burke and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Coo Coo Conners again wanted everyone to know he is large and in charge. He first said he opened his office to anyone and then stated all employees must follow the chain of command. Coo Coo.

Conners again said the North District General Superintendent Michael Dwyer was not fired, another bold face lie. Conners acted like a Chicago street thug and a man possessed with a need to prove he is in control of a job he can not handle. Look, folks, Conners knows nothing about the importance of a proper drinking water supply. He is getting paid to keep all the current lawsuits and future lawsuits from getting to Rahm Emanuel. Conners wanted everyone to know he is going to promote everyone he wants and do whatever he wants. Rahm Emanuel needs to terminate this goof that just does not have the class to do things the right way. The same crap that got the Department of Water Management into the mess it is in now will continue by the leadership of foolish nonsense. I hope when all the City of Chicago taxpayers sees the new water bills in the mail, they remember this warning, fire Rahm Emanuel.

Look if you need to tell everyone you are the boss, you are not. Time for Rahm to find a replacement, another poor choice, and decision.

April 20, 2018

Randy Conner gets out the bullhorn at the Department of Water Management: Hispanics and Whites want Hansen return

Commissioner Randy Conner Chicago final.jpg
On Thursday, April 12, 2018, Commissioner Randy Conner, led a posse of underlings that currently lead the Chicago Department of Water Management. The Chicago Water Department has decades of second-rate losers that have been promoted by second-rate racists. You can not change the culture of the water department because cancer runs too deep.

At the 7:00 a.m. meeting Conner declared with a bullhorn to his lips, Get on the train or the train will run you over. Conner tried to make himself a tough-talking wise guy and made it clear he was running the show. If he had any brains, he would have kept his low-profile job, but dangle a few pennies, and these people jump. Conner must not have paid attention to all the Commissioners terminated since I started at the department.

Conner is not ready to control the click that makes all the decisions at the water department. Conner does not know he is a puppet. Conner does not have what it takes to lead this ragtag circus.

At the meeting, Conner went on to do damage control and say Michael Dwyer was not fired because of what was printed by Fran Spielman. Fran Spielman hit the nail on the head. A full-blown cover-up continues at the FOIA Department and Commissioner Conner is still trying to stop FOIA requests from being fulfilled.

The North District has some great workers, but the management has stunk for twenty years. Conner told the workers the North District is the worst district. It is also the whitest. Conner seems to be a racist and ignorant to the culture that has rotted the Department of Water Management. Conner thinks Facebook pages of blacks working happily at the Department of Water Management is going to fix things. Conner has no power to remove the private contractors that control the Water Department. The 11th Ward, M.... Management, and private contractors control the Department. If you think the companies that contribute to Alderman Burke and Rahm Emanuel are going to get forced out, you are sadly mistaken.

Conner, please stop all those private meetings with employees promising them the moon. Please also tell Wallace Davis to stop making promotional promises. While you are at it, make sure you stop the mistreatment of black women that get hurt on the job. Forcing out black single mothers is crude and low class. Also, keep your bullhorn close to your other bighorn.