February 6, 2015

Rahm Emanuel's top Water Department employee busted with prostitution Sting.

Brian Tierney City of Chicago.jpg Brian Tierney is an Operating Engineer for the City of Chicago Department of Water Management. He works under Paul E. Hansen son of former Alderman Bernie Hansen, a former trash man made superstar thanks to Alderman Tunney. The North District is the home of heroin deals, pay to play for overtime, bribes and non-stop criminal activities. In fact, get a DUI, cry to Rahm and get promoted!!! Brian is not a bad guy, but if Rahm is paying guys over $100,00.00 per year, you got money for high class prostitutes. Brian Tierney has got high class clout, so he might be able to cover this up. So lets see what Mr. Bresnahan and Mr. Powers have to say about this crazy non-sense. Lets watch what the Mayor of Chicago says before the election. Let's hear what Michael Tierney says. This is conduct unbecoming. Joe Ferguson of the Chicago Inspector General can not cover this up again. Folks, the Chicago Sun-Times stopped publishing these type of stories when Rahm ordered them to.

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